Training Day 195


Dec 27, 2010

Well, Christmas with my family was a blast. My sister lost a lot of weight a few years ago(she took a nutrition class and a meal plan was developed for her). So, she decided to give it a try again. I also decided to join her. Which will be totally great once I can use my kitchen. 
For some reason my weight only goes to my lower half(mainly the midsection). So, I really want to make more of an effort to do something about it. She also got this cool cup for her shakes(that mixes it in the cup). I want one 🙂 
In other news, I have to call the apartment again this morning because there is absolutely no food in my apartment but the bugs seem to not understand that. So I want my apartment to be sprayed ASAP so that I can be rid of the bugs and actually eat/make food in the kitchen. Basically, they did not clean the apartment at all(when the last tenant left), it looks like the only thing that was done was the floors were vacummed. Also, they lied and said I would have a 1 bedroom with a washer/dryer connection and I don’t. 
So, I am in need of a lot of prayer(as always). 
I got two of Bob’s dvd’s(a cardio one and a yoga one), I am going to try the cardio one tonight after work. 
Hope you have a great day! 


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