Training Day 190


Dec 23, 2010

So, after lugging all of my stuff into the new apartment(and dousing the kitchen and bathroom with boric acid and traps), I find that it does not have washer dryer connections! What a bummer! 
What else do I find, even though I am near the highway, it sounds like I am literally right next to it! I have been calling and no one is answering at the office.
So in a few weeks I can make the choice to move my stuff out of storage but I will still have to have a storage bill because of my washer and dryer. 
I am really shocked at how terrible the neighborhood is and I just got there. All I can say is it is a good thing I will be working a lot. But that means what do I have to look forward to on the weekend? 
I think its funny how when I think I have some worries deleted from my brain, a whole new set pop up. I think its terrible that just because I have not so good credit means that I have to live in a terrible place. I guess I will be roughing it and washing clothes by hand until I get a car. The complex is huge and I have no idea where the laundry facilities are. 
AND to make matters worse, they have the nerve to want a 60 day notice for moving out! 
It’s just going to be a very interesting time in my life. 
I had to take the rental car back last night 😦 Since the payment was higher than expected, I had to buy a bus ticket to go see my fam tomorrow. 
The good news is, I get to see my family, we all get to open presents together, and we get to eat Christmas dinner together 🙂 So everything gets to go according to schedule 🙂 
Since I don’t have a car, I don’t have any plans for new years. 
I think I may be losing weight in the next few weeks due to lack of access(NOT ADVISING IT WHATSOEVER). It is quite difficult to lug food around on the bus. I wish I had a fairy food mother who could come and stock my work fridge with food 🙂 
Stay tuned… 


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