Training Day 187


Dec 20, 2010

Hey  friends, 
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Here’s my weekend update. 
I did not have the opportunity to visit my friend on Saturday because he passed on Friday afternoon. My friend is going for an appointment about the funeral arrangements today. So I just ask for continued prayer for her and the family. 

On Friday, the landlady said that the water was not working at the house. So I told her that I could not move in without water. After calling the water company, they asked for someone to be at the house while the emergency team took a look. When I called her to find out if she could do it, she acted like she couldn’t(I definitely could not because I work until 5pm). So I told her not to worry about it. I called up an apartment locator. I called a few places. I visited a lot on Saturday and found one that I liked. I put down a deposit and they said if everything goes through, I could be in today or tomorrow. 
My school gave me two of my three checks on Friday, so I am hoping they mailed the third one on Friday. I am praying that it makes it to my mailbox today or tomorrow. 

I decided to have coffee with the ‘texter’. There was no chemistry. He had the nerve to say “I didn’t have any advanced notice”. So I said “Well, the three or four other times that I attempted to meet you for coffee, you found some excuse for why it could not happen”. 
So after talking and spending time with friends, a friend told one of her friends about me and we exchanged numbers. So, I have a date tomorrow night(of course I will let you know how it goes), we had a good first conversation last night. 
Since all of my pants seem to be too big and I can’t seem to find any of my belts, I had to break down and get some new jeans at walmart. I was able to get a size ten and they feel great 🙂 
Talk to ya later 🙂 


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