Training Day 186


Dec 17, 2010

Hey friends! What I was excited about the other day was my day boss said that once I get a car, my job duties will change(with higher pay). How awesome is that? 
In other news, I didn’t get a paycheck this week. After I called accounting, I found out that I was not paid all month!!! So I expect to receive all of my checks tonight 🙂 Praise!! 
My Uncle sent me a Christmas present! I found unexpected money in an old savings account. And drum roll please (lol). I move in to my new place on Sunday!! 
So, I plan to get a new car in a few weeks 🙂 
Yay!! Praise! 
In not so good news, my friend was sent to a nursing home(something about medicare) and got worse so he is back in the hospital. I will be visiting him tomorrow. So he and his family need lots of prayers right now. 
I hope that you all have a great holiday(I know we will be in touch before then). I am going to my sister’s for Christmas(and I am excited I get to bring gifts). 
Love you!! 


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