Reflections on 2010


Dec 27, 2010

So, I thought it might be a good idea to write about something cheery. So I wanted to reflect on this past year as we gear up for the new one. Since I can be quite the list maker, this reflection will be numbered: 
1. I went from not having exercised on a regular basis(since 2007 atleast) to working out daily(in all matters of weather) 
2. I trained for and completed a half marathon(after running two miles at the most in the course of my life circa 1999). 
3. I gained a ton of new friends to share this journey with(who I can encourage and support while being encouraged by you) 
4. I picked up dumbells for the first time( yes, they will be used more in the coming year and I plan to add some other sizes too). 
5. I find myself not running away from a challenge, no matter what it may be(we have to learn our lessons somehow). 
6. I am totally addicted to all kinds of weight loss shows(and I have fellow tv addicts to share with) 
7. I look forward to buying new running shoes(and workout clothes) not just because I want to look cute but because I am close to my 500 mile mark(and can’t wait to see how many more miles I can log in 2011). 
8. Even though most of my real life(aka in person) friends told me that I was crazy for training for a half marathon, they all said congrats after I did it. 
9. Realized that as long as I am moving forward and making progress in my life, the opinions of others can start to weigh less. 
10. Is so thankful that Sparkpeople is free(I haven’t had the means to pay for other sites that may have caught my eye, but now I know that I don’t need to pay money for that). 
11. Being able to change your life without having to be chained to the gym-priceless(Not knocking them but you can achieve great results at home too). 
12. Crying over guys who didn’t mean anything in the long run and having spark friends to give me e hugs and not blame me for being a loser magnet-priceless 
13. Reading your amazing blogs(a huge highlight of my day) 
14. What would I do without the Daily Spark? I have no idea! I love it! 
15. Being able to keep smiling and not crying all the time-life saver 
16. Going through ups and downs and coming out stronger-priceless 
17. Knowing(truly knowing) that if a man really wants you, he will do what he needs to do to have you-makes everything easier(It’s ok that my dream man hasn’t shown up yet, it just might not be the right time, but I still have to live my life). 
18. Taking charge of my health-priceless 
19. Incorporating any kind of movement into my day in order to get my heart pumping-awesome! 
20. Taking time to be kinder to others and listening as much as possible-life changing 

So here are my big plans for the new year: 
1. Running 3-4 more half marathons 
2. Eating better(with an actual plan to stick to) 
3. Saving money for my personal trainer program and yoga instructor program(haven’t picked a program yet but a friend of mine did ISSA)-life changing 
4. More yoga 
5. More strength training 
6. Making my weight loss goals 
7. Having a blast with my sparkfriends througout it all 

So whatever your goals are(if you don’t have atleast one or two make some), let’s go hard into this new year and make it happen 🙂 



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