Training Day 183


Dec 14, 2010

Well, I was up at 5am this morning in order to be ready to catch the bus to work(the last time I was up early was for the half). The day has gone smoothly(I mopped the floors twice and took a few messages). I have just been thinking how I am going to fit in my training(definitely the weekend, maybe this is why long runs are usually on the weekend). 

Great story from last night: Myself and my super hot coworker had to ride the school bus last night(can you believe he sat NEXT to me)—swooning over here(haha). He is such a cool guy(he’s been explaining Middle Eastern culture to me, and teaching me some Arabic. We had a great conversation last night. Is it ok to have a work crush? (If I don’t act on it hee hee). Then he tells me that he is an artist and he was an art teacher in his country(how cool is that). Ack! I feel like such a kid right now. 
I will let you know how it goes.

My sister is in town this week for a conference and due to my new job, my schedule is super tight so I am taking a bus to meet her at a shopping place then she is going to take me to my night gig. I really wanted to spend time with her in the hotel but maybe some other time. She said she will pick me up for Christmas(so I get to see her again next weekend lol). I love my sister a lot. She is probably my biggest role model. She’s awesome(even when she gets upset with me). 

So, I hope I get home a little earlier tonight(12:30am was not too cool). Then the dude I have been talking to had the nerve to text me and say “Text me when you get a car”. Do you know I almost slapped him through the phone!! I was like “Oh ok sure, text you so you can think of another excuse why we won’t see each other”. I guess he got mad because he called me(to try and smooth things over). I had to explain to him that its not like I can snap my fingers and get a new car(I don’t have it like that lol). He apologized but really, he has been doing stupid stuff since when I had a car. 
My actual attitude is forget you because I am the one who is now working 11 hour days the rest of the month until they turn into 12 next month. I don’t have time for any nonsense. You Know 🙂 
My aunt laughed because she said atleast we know I won’t be able to get into any trouble 🙂 

Have any of you worked two jobs before? I did it before and it was a little crazy. At the moment, it seems like all I have to do is keep up with my bus schedules(why does every trip have to be 3 transfers I will never know). 
I also think this is payback for me working 3 hours a day since Sept. lol 
Don’t think for a moment that I am complaining!! I am just trying to rack my brain around it all. 
Love you guys 🙂 


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