Training Day 182


Dec 13, 2010

Hey  friends! Guess what? Our prayers were answered 🙂 
I was going to take the bus this morning to visit a temp agency when my friends stopped by and said they would give me a ride because they were going to see our friend in the hospital. I said ok. They dropped me off and I went inside the temp agency, when I was told that I needed to apply online!!! So, I called my friends and told them I was walking to the hospital. 
On the way there, I was called about the secretary interview, I was asked if I could come in today. I said yes. I went to the hospital and saw my friend. His wife let me use some makeup. We all had a relatively nice visit, when I headed out to the bus to go to the interview. I make it(on time). I speak to the owner, and fill out the application. He asks me when can I start, I say tomorrow. We talk about my bus riding lol. I tell him, I already mapped the way. Then he tells me some other things related to the position and he tells me to come tomorrow! I got the job(and I didn’t faint)!!! 
I take the bus to my night job. I am so excited but my phone is drained(because I didn’t get a chance to charge it). So I get to work and my friend lets me use her cellphone and I call my sister(who is visiting). 
So, I now just have to figure out how I am going to go and get my check and pay some bills(but I’m not freaking out). 
I also found out that I can start my tutoring back up once I move(so as they say when it rains it pours). 
I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate you for listening to me(even when I don’t make sense) and how much your encouragement means to me. 
Lots of Love 🙂 

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