Training Day 180


Dec 11, 2010

Hi friends! Today I pounded the pavement(8 miles in 2:14) in search of work(and all of the places said apply online lol). I am going to a staffing service on Monday and I have an interview on Wednesday. I got a bus pass for the month(so I won’t have to miss work). 
Thank you for all of your encouragement(I really needed it). I hope you are all having a great weekend. I kept thinking about what I would blog but my mind has gone blank. 
Oh, I also visited a friend in the hospital(he is not doing well and needs lots of prayers, the doctors put him on treatment for 5-7 days and today was day 6. His kidneys need to start working. It’s hard seeing someone you know be such a vibrant person and then seeing them totally knocked down. 
God is truly in control and some things happen that we don’t understand, but we have to keep the faith. 


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