Training Day 178


Dec 9, 2010

Hey friends 🙂 
I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to post something cheerful(so you all don’t end up depressed after reading). I basically have been run/walking for 50-60 minutes(just can’t seem to only go for 30 anymore). 
The friend that I live with is going to Vegas for new years and her boyfriend decided that he doesn’t want anyone at the house(NEWS TO ME). So I may be moving into my new place sooner than expected(I spoke to the landlord). 
All I need is for the car to hold up(atleast until I can get a decent amount saved and into a position where I know I can afford a car payment aka anytime next month). 
I applied for jobs all morning. I have been looking over and over my budget and I should have money left over, to pay towards rent. 
The new guy and I have been talking and chatting a lot. So my prayer requests are a job and that the car will behave 🙂 
Have a great day 🙂 


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