Training Day 176


Dec 7, 2010

So this morning an aquaintance texted me and said “Heck, all that running,you should be gorgeous”. I texted back “Well, I don’t think I stopped being gorgeous”. He is a douche. He has and will always be one. Then he says he came to town last week and didn’t call me because he didn’t think I wanted to see him DUH!. Long story short, he was an old crush who let me down over and over this past year and all of my feelings for him changed in the Spring. So, I don’t quite know if he realizes it but I don’t even like him like that. 
In other news, the new guy that I am “talking” to thinks I’m great(so pfft). 

This morning, one whole side of my head was hurting(it was weird). I totally focused on my breathing while I was running and that helped a lot. I decided that for my cross-training I will be doing strength training and yoga. 
I’m so excited about The Biggest Loser(but I can’t believe they are running a marathon, sounds like a bad idea to me). 


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