Suck It Challenge


Dec 1, 2010

Just wanted to join in on the suck it fun 🙂 
Well, since I am in between places, I can say suck it to my daily weigh ins(after tomorrow, because I am going to look for it because I am wearing a pair of jeans right now that are clearly too big). 
Negative thoughts can suck it too 🙂 
So what I hope to accomplish in the meantime: 
1. Run everyday(except for one rest day when needed) 
2. Drink more water(since I still have not mastered how to drink 8 cups a day, how about I actually focus on it for once in my life). I think on a good day I get about 4 cups. My three kidneys and my liver will probably thank me later 🙂 
3. Stretch everyday or spend more time doing yoga(I don’t know about you but I absolutely love yoga, I just don’t spend enough time in actual practice, yes I know that reading my monthly issue of Yoga Journal doesn’t count). 

Small things add up to big things, so whatever you do, it definitely counts 🙂 
I see now that we can never stop challenging ourselves. We are all works in progress 🙂 

As for my spark team goals-I’ve been doing them, I just haven’t been logging them, so 

4. Log all of my activities each day(I tend to get lazy and just log fitness, comment on friends pages, read the dailyspark, and blog). 

Also, maybe spending more time not taking life so seriously(because in reality I am a total control freak and the fact that all of my *ahem* hard work has not produced the job results I want freaks me out). But I do know that God is working in all of our lives, and I just have to keep praying, trusting, and having faith(sometimes it is a moment by moment thing). 

Thanks for listening to me and being my  friends 🙂 
You rock!! 


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