Training Day 171 p.2/Notes From The Best


Nov 12, 2010

The session started off with John “The Penguin” Bingham, who is also starting the race this weekend(can’t think of that word at the moment). 
-If you are in a back corral, you have time(so don’t feel like you are in a rush). 
-The people with the most interesting life stories are in the back. 
-Runners round down when telling their times 🙂 
-Enjoy yourself! 
-Look good in your finish photo 🙂 
Someone asked a question about hydration. 
-If your urine is clear, all of the electrolytes are out of your system. 
-Drink when you are thirsty 
-At every aid station ask yourself “Am I thirsty?” 
Someone asked about their knee 
-everyone gets a little nicked up 
-The difference between injury vs. fatigue 
-Commit to walking through the water stops 
-No professional athlete is going to ris their health for one race 
-Be aware of your surroundings when you have an ipod 
Someone asked about hitting the ‘wall’ 
-With all the different replacements, you won’t hit the wall 
-Cramping=lack of sodium 
-Don’t wait to fuel 
-Layer(short sleeve, long sleeve, hat). 
I don’t have a hat oops… 
In the next session John and Frank spoke: 
-In NY, the hills are the bridges 
-The drugs work too well 
-EPO gives a 2% advantage(not fair) 
-You can’t promote a sport and police it at the same time. 
-There is a certain segment of the population that doesn’t care if they are actually winning on their own. 
-You lose more often than you win 
-When you train, you are just like the elites 
-It’s not all or nothing 
-Elites keep up the same intensity even after a race 
-Frank started running for stress relief(in school) 
-You have to enjoy the movement(itself) 
-Ask yourself “Do you like just being out there?” 
-When racing, you have to know when to turn the switch on and off(regarding competition) 
The next session involved Rod Dixon, Frank, and Meb: 
-Everyday is different, you just have to give it 110% 
-Do your scheduled workout even when you don’t feel good 
-Consistency is the key 
-Run to your best ability 
-Everyone who finishes is a winner 
-Finishing is winning and winning is finishing 
-Punch the turns! 
-You can convert your fibers(from fast to slow) 
-Running is like a game of chess 
-You have to be a few steps/moves ahead of the next person 
-Look at the corners(how can you save the distance?) 
-Its a game of pluses and minuses 
-If you are trying to win, it doesn’t matter who is next to you 
-Make sure you are initiating 
-We all run better in different conditions 
-Reframing, When you lose, figure out how you will win the next time 
-We all have to overcome something(MEB) 
-Always have a plan(A-Z if needed) 
-Run your own race(I wrote that twice) 
-Go to your inner coach 
-The marathon is a metaphor for life 
-Don’t go out too early(MEB) 
Talk(find someone to talk to around mile 7 or 8(John) 

Hope you all find some inspiration from these great people 🙂 

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