Training Day 160/Thirteen Days Until The Half


Nov 1, 2010

So yesterday I did five miles. I finally found the headphones that I am going to use for the race(they are nice and comfortable). I have a ton of laundry to do today. So, I am glad I can get it done. I am also tweaking my resume and making some contacts for subbing. 
Oh, in case you didn’t hear about the whole Marie Claire drama, I actually like the show Mike and Molly 🙂 I am all for people finding happiness no matter what they look like. I can confess, I have had the thought in my head that I would get a nice boyfriend once I made my weight goal. But I get snapped back to reality when I find myself meeting great guys the way I look now. The only thing I would like is to have a guy be interested in my personality and not just my booty(lol sad but true). 
I hope that you all have a great day and a wonderful week. All we can do is take forward steps and not let anything get in our way. 


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