Recovery Day 3/Rollin’ Down A Hill


Nov 17, 2010

So, as I was driving down the road to get my check in order to run my errands for the day, my check engine light came on. I thought I would be able to make it to the post office. Nope, the starter light started blinking. Then as the light turns green, my car starts smoking, shuts off, and begins to roll back down the hill. OMG. A lady who was behind me tried to divert the traffic and helped me get my car off the main road. The cars did not stop at all(except to stare at me). The cops finally came and pushed my car out of the way. Then the tow truck came. The lady drove me to get my check and took me to the tow place. Well, I was given an ungodly price for fixing. So, I took a taxi home. Then I had to have the tow truck bring my car to the house(because everyone that I talked to today said get a second opinion blah blah blah). What all of these well meaning people do not seem to understand is that I CANNNOT DRIVE MY CAR!!! So how am I supposed to get other opinions? 
Then there is the whole, how am I supposed to get the money to buy the parts… 
What a day! 
The only thought that has been going through my mind for the last few hours is that maybe the half marathon proved that I could totally walk the 6 miles to work… idk 


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