Race Day 2010


Nov 14, 2010

This was the reward today(and a warming sheet lol). 
Well, I completed the race. I had energy at the end(so now I know what to look for next time). 
I knocked out every turn I could. The course was tricky to me(it seemed like certain miles were just too long, like they did not know where to go). 
I met some really cool people today. 
I ate a ton of sports beans and the chomps lol. 
It was a nice feeling knowing that I was finishing the race. I clapped at every mile marker (literally). I didn’t really like the cytomax(why can’t we just drink gatorade?). 
So for the future: 
I will have a camel(I saw some cute ones) 
I will wear running tights 🙂 
Because my shorts were just not hitting it today 🙂 
and last but not least, my mileage is going to increase 🙂 
*Update-just found out I finished in 3:14 
This week is going to be spent in recovery. 
I encourage everyone to push themselves in some way regarding fitness. 
Today I met a guy who was doing his 97th marathon and another who was doing his 101st. 
I also started with a lady who was doing her 10th. 
So as of right now, I guess I am shooting for Austin in Feb… 
Love you guys! 


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