Draw Near Lent Day 36


God of love, whose compassion never fails; we bring before thee the troubles and perils of people and nations, the sighing of prisoners and captives, the sorrows of the bereaved, the necessities of strangers, the helplessness of the weak, the despondency of the weary the failing powers of the aged. O Lord, draw near to each; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.
(Anselm, 1033-1109)

     What an amazing prayer. It covers all the areas of those in need of God’s guidance and love. It is nice to be able to take a moment out of the day and pray for someone. Praying for someone else always helps me put my problems into perspective. When I remember that God is love, it only makes me want to love others more. When God draws near to me, I have the opportunity to be seen as He sees me, not as my pain would see me. 

     Today was a pretty good day. I ate a little more than my share of birthday cake(it was pretty tasty). I ran into a good friend and I went to a meeting. I worked out. I think I had some plans to work on something but I forgot. On the way to run some errands, as I was minding my own business walking down the street a guy approached me in his car. He said that I had caught his attention so he doubled back in traffic to let me know. I said thank you and kept walking. He then approached me again telling me how beautiful I was. I again said thank you and kept walking. I was flattered but I do my best not to entertain people I don’t know. I am not sure if this is my week to be creeped out by guys or if its because the weather is changing. 

     I figured out that I can pull the blankets over my head, so I will be sleeping much better. I am really excited about that. As much as I act like I don’t need to sleep, I actually enjoy sleeping. So small steps to better sleep. 

Here’s to a better tomorrow 🙂



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