More of You Lent Day 34


Jesus, without you we will surely perish.
Tell us again about the love of the Father,
that sent you from so far, so near.
Becoming small, rewinding to the beginning,
We want to be raised again by you
our parent and maker.
This second time the serpents won’t come among us. 
We won’t be plagued
by the fear of death or the terror of judgment.
Jesus, tell us again about life everlasting,

walking with you in the cool of the evening.


     Every day spent walking closer to God is a good day. Even for a small moment, I can put everything that is on my mind to the side. I am able to get a glimpse of what God has in store and it blows my mind. I am so humbled at the small glimpses of goodness in my life. Yesterday I had the opportunity to literally see changes in the weather(and feel them). It went from overcast to dark grey and no sun to hail and pouring rain. Only to dry up and have the sun peek out a bit later. 

     So I decided to dye my hair again(because my roots were totally showing lol). So now its two uniform colors haha. I just realized the first time I got my hair dyed was in eighth grade(trying to be like Mariah Carey lol). I also think what did the trick this time was using two bottles of dye. I think my hair is a lot happier darker(it seems fuller and bouncier). A few people asked me if the brown would come back but I really don’t know. 

     A dude tried to get at me at a meeting. I was flattered but what could I say to someone with a full grill? I mean, if you are not a known rapper/entertainer I’m not sure why you would have one. Plus, didn’t they go out of style after Paul Wall? I don’t know. I wished him the best. So, I can’t say that people don’t notice me, its just that the ones who actually meet my standards are rare. 

     I managed to get some more laundry put away and knock out some class work. I need to spend more time doing yoga. 

Be blessed!




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