Keep Me Lent Day 35


By me, O my Savior, stand
In sore temptation’s hour;
Save me with thine outstretched hand,
And show forth all thy power;
Oh, be mindful of thy word,
Thy all-sufficient grace bestow;
Keep me, keep me, gracious Lord,
And never let me go.
Give me, Lord, a holy fear,
And fix it in my heart,
That I may from evil near
With timely care depart.
Sin be more than hell abhorred
Till thou destroy the tyrant foe.
(Charles Wesley)

     Today I literally did not want to get out of bed. I stayed up past my bedtime per the usual and dearly paid for it this morning. I got ready and ate breakfast. I was good until the bus now has to go past my stop so I have to walk backwards. Not an issue when I am early but an annoyance when I am running late. 

     Of course we had Krispie Kremes today so there went my food choices. Ugh, I hate that I do that. I tried to make up for it in lunch/dinner. I worked out. I put some laundry away(almost done). I did drink a lot of water today. 

     Well, this guy who I barely know hit me up today and was desperate to hang out(offering to take me to run my errands), I declined. We had a conversation and I let him know that he really needed to think about getting a sponsor and that I don’t roll with people who are new in recovery. Yeah, I know relationships seem like the be all and end all when we are new in recovery, but since I’m not so new anymore, I have no excuses. I meet a lot of people who think they know everything without listening or even reading the Book. I mean I know that I act like I know everything but in my defense I listen and I read a lot(not so much this week but usually). Also he gave me a creepy vibe when he said that he sees me all the time and he was trying to pin down my locations(thanks but no thanks). 

     The good thing is that these introductions are firming up my standards(they are getting iron clad). The down side is I haven’t met someone who is interested in me who actually fits the bill. I know I’m super busy so I am not stressing about it. Its just really making me think back about all of the nonsense that I did put up with in the past. You know people always say that you can’t ask for what you aren’t bringing to the table. So on that note, I know I need to take a few seats. I like to think of myself as a work in progress. 

     Be blessed!



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