The Journey Lent Day 33


Healing power of Jesus Christ,
fall afresh on me,
Healing power of Jesus Christ,
fall afresh on me.
Touch me, stir me, unfold me, love me.
Healing power of Jesus Christ,
fall afresh on me.
(Howard Booth)

     We are all on this journey called life together. I think it is just easier going through the roller coasters with God. There will be many people joining us at different parts of the journey. Some stay longer than others. As long as we continue to grow on the journey, we should be on the right path. 

     At three fifty one this morning a guy drunk dialed me. It was cool since I am sober. He asked me what I was up to and I said sleeping. He then told me all of the different drinks and shots that he had(not sure if he was just saying that to be cool). He asked me what I was up to(again) and if I wanted to go to the movies later. I mentioned that I had church and that I would be busy. I said maybe some other time. I have had quite a few people make plans with me and then see those plans fall through so I try not to make plans with people(especially at weird times of night). He said that he was almost home and I said goodnight. 

     That small conversation made me think about all of the times I drunk dialed and drunk texted people. I am so glad that those days are over. It also made me wonder why he called me since we haven’t talked in months. Oh well, nothing to worry about. 

     I talked to a close friend about dating/single life and she rationalized why it was okay to date a married man. I told her that God wants more for her and loves her enough for her to be with a single guy. Then I realized dating and mating is so hard for singles. Sometimes it does feel like your only options are taken guys. I talked with other friends about the conversation and they said to pray about it. It was also mentioned that we all sin. Which is totally true. While my sin preference may not be a married man(no matter how fine he might be), my sin is ice cream/cupcakes/sugar. That’s only one of my downfalls. 

     It is only with God’s grace and mercy that I can even begin to really work on my issues. So I am going to spend more time focusing on God’s promises and praying for my friends and family. We all have struggles, but the only person to give us true relief is God. It is in our hardest times that we have to lean closest on God. I am also working on turning around my worry. I make worry into an olympic sport and have no problem taking on other people’s worry just to add to my mountain. 

     I went for a nice run and made a dent in the laundry situation. I am reading a really good book called Sex and the single christian girl. Right now I am in the chapters focusing on spiritual warfare. I am learning a lot and hopefully I can continue to put it into practice. 



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