It Is Finished Lent Day 31


Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for the finished work of your cross. Thank you for your once-for-all sacrifice, which has saved me, purified me and reconciled me to you. Thank your for raising me to newness of life. Rid me, Lord, of my prideful tendency to think that there is anything more I could do to merit your favor or grace. May my heart today echo the words of the old hymn: “Nothing in my hand I bring; simply to thy cross I cling.” Amen.

     Jesus dying on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice for us all. I am so thankful for His tremendous gift of love. In this moment Jesus no longer had to suffer when he said “It is finished”. Such a powerful sentence. It has huge implications not just for when I first believed but for my future. 

     I have had a rough week this week. I have been really drained and I haven’t been able to sleep very much. Today someone mentioned to me that I looked the way they felt(tired). I’m doing my best to keep my stress in check. Hopefully I can catch up on my sleep or next week goes a bit better. 

     I had a conversation with an older friend about Black men and our thoughts on what is keeping so many of them back. She mentioned that women could not raise boys to be men like men can. I mentioned that is why it is so hard to build a family(let alone date) because so many guys today just want to be taken care of rather than finding a wife to take care of and raise a family with. I’m sure I will have more to say about that when I have the time. 

     I have to be up bright and early tomorrow(hopefully not hitting the snooze button). 



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