Thirst Lent Day 30


Lord God, Christ’s thirst calls us to lay aside our pretensions of having anything to offer you. Help us embrace instead the humility and faith by which we are exalted to being human like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

In the midnight hour I thirst after God and all He has to offer to me. I throw off my pride, ego, and attitude. I am just me completely broken and in need of the one who makes me whole. When I yearn after God, I am being filled with new life and energy. I don’t have to think about things that no longer serve a purpose to me.

In moments of thirsting after righteousness, I am open to all that God is trying to teach me. I am open to acceptance and comfort. I am open to new opportunity. It is in these moments, where I don’t have to plead my case because He already knows. I can stop and listen in order to hear just what I need to hear in order to grow.

No matter how I feel or what I may be going through(real or imagined) I am thanfully never forsaken by God. Even in the times when I felt so far away, I was actually closer than my mind could comprehend. That’s the beauty of a relationship with Christ. I am unlocking all of the goodness and blessings that God promises.

There are so many things that I don’t do right but thankfully God is always ready to give me a do over. When I get down on myself, God provides glimpses of love and care that tell me things are going to be okay. Someone asked me today if I have any regrets and I said no. All I can do is learn from each lesson and see each moment as a lesson. I also have to take a lot of deep breathes.

I had a good conversation today about social media and how I interact with others in life and online. There are a lot of things that I want to do differently, so I am attempting step by step to put them into motion. Since I do recognize that there are things about myself that I can change, it makes sense to actually change them.



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