How To Look Lent Day 28


Jesus, at the foot of the cross your mother stands bowed down with grief–the first Christian and our model of obedience, faithfulness and love. May we grieve your death with Mary, sorrowfully weeping for the terrible, sinful weight of the world that nailed you there. We worship your passion, O Christ. Show us also your glorious resurrection. Help us to patiently wait, for joy comes with the sunrise and mourning is turned into dancing. Hallelujah! Amen.

     Oh death, it is so painful, final, and sobering. I think it is only over time and experience that we can begin to see death in a different way. I can think about death in a general way because when I think about it, I immediately think of heaven. I don’t think that I truly grieve Christ’s death for me. Because if I did, I would live differently. I wouldn’t take things for granted, I wouldn’t worry. I would do all that I am called to do. I know that I can always do better.

     It is still hard for me to look at someone or something die. I immediately turn my head or run as far away as I can. When my Mom died, I couldn’t bear to see her in the funeral home. I think because I was so traumatized at her passing and maybe I didn’t want to believe that she was gone. I know that she is in heaven and I do my best to think of the good times with her. I also know that we all look at death differently. 

     I think this is just more reason why it is so important to look on the bright side. So, that is what I shall continue to do. 



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