Healing Lent Day 29


Lord Jesus Christ, who for the love of our souls entered the deep darkness of the cross: we pray that your healing love may surround all who are in the darkness of great distress and who find it difficult to pray for themselves. May they know that darkness and light are both alike to you and that you have promised never to fail them or to forsake them. Amen.

     There are moments when we need to ask God to heal all of our mixed up and broken parts. The parts that we can’t make sense of. The parts that pulse in pain no matter what we seem to do to minimize them. The parts we attempt to hide even though they can be seen through us.

     God gives us utter and complete healing. In those moments that we may seem to forget or just don’t feel totally healed, we can go back and ask Him to heal us again. He never rejects us and is always available. What a comfort and joy. It is so interesting how we can forget all that Christ has already done for us. Thankfully our forgetfulness isn’t held against us.

    Knowing that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit won’t fail me give me the courage to keep moving forward. They give me the boost that I need to walk in my purpose(even when it seems like I can only see a glimpse of it). It gives me a boldness to live my life with love for others. It also helps me to live with more peace and less worry.



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