In You Alone Lent Day 24


Lord, in the cross alone I glory–recognition laying down,
greatest treasures count as worthless–standing next to Heaven’s crowns.
In the cross alone I glory ever reaching for the prize,
pressing on and laying hold of that for which my savior died.
Never will I seek the glory that was never meant for me,
always heavenward reflecting all to Jesus to receive.
In the cross alone I glory nothing of my own to give,
only that which Christ has offered for my soul that I may live.

     This prayer is what I strive for my life to be like. To seek after Christ and have God’s will be done in my life and through me. Since I am human, I make mistakes and I struggle, but God’s grace continues to see me through. What would this look like, well I would be more humble instead of trying to get everyone to see how awesome I think I am. I wouldn’t be self seeking, I would be God seeking. 

     In the hustle and bustle of life, it can be a challenge to see how we can be more humble, but it is one journey that if you choose to seek it, will not disappoint in character growth. Another way is by living out life in faith and having patience(or in my case, putting a toe in the patience waters). 

     As you can see I don’t have all the answers(because sometimes Google doesn’t know everything). But as long as I am open to what God is leading me to, I know I am on the right path. 



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