Humbled Lent Day 18


     Today was pretty interesting. I was able to run for the first time in a week.  I then walked not to jinx it. I missed running.
     I was excited to speak tonight,  so I went to the mall to find something cute. Well when I looked at my budget, I went home. So much for that.
     I took a cab because I thought I was going to be late and I was a half hour early. Time managed to go by quickly. I had an idea of what I was going to share.
     Then I was given some unexpected information. I could not believe it. I’m still thinking about it.
     The meeting was small and informal. I shared. I don’t know how I did.  I was given a standing ovation. I think I kept it short. I tried to stay positive.  I told them to do their best to wait for a relationship.  I told them that I had been right where they were.
    I was able to talk to different people afterwards.  Then I headed to the bus stop where I had to wait in the dark for an hour because the bus ran late.
      I guess my brain is preoccupied.  I’m making a judgement in my head about a situation. I’m going to ask my question so I can get it over with, but I don’t know if I’m going to believe the answer.
So on that note. I’m off to bed.

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