Perseverance(Lent Day 16) and Wait(Lent Day 17)


But I will sing to You and sacrifice to You
with a voice filled with thanksgiving;
Whatever I promised, I will certainly pay it
because deliverance is from the Eternal alone.

     Life is a marathon, not a sprint(which is what everyone with hyperactive brains struggle with). So as believers we have to face each day with perseverance. That means hoping for the best and leaning on God’s truth as our guide. While we are in a constant state of perseverance, we also realize that we may have to wait. 

     I like to think that only true saints have the ability to wait and the rest of us just spin our tops in anticipation. Especially if we know that something good is going to happen and that we can feel it. I mean who doesn’t want good things to happen. So that is also where the perseverance comes in, it gives us the ability when we are going through situations that may not feel good at the moment to have faith that we will make it through with God’s help. 

     I didn’t blog last night because I was doing everything else online aka battling insomnia by checking out computer science blogs and tweeting. I did think about it though. So today I managed to attempt to run with less pain(for a bus that I missed). I was excited. So tomorrow should be even better. 

     Today was a really good day and I learned a bit more about helping people who struggle with mental health issues(just encourage, support, and see the best in people). It never hurts to hear that. It was really empowering. I saw a tweet about a tool called EverNote, so I spent a chunk of the evening looking up citation managers(I’m still trying to decide which one I should start using). I also had a great chat with the super awesome Ph.d Kyla McMullen(the first African American Computer Science Ph.d) about making it through. Then I watched a ton of videos of Ph.d students in action because I just love watching students(and it was great). The series is called Lab Daze(you can find them on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook). I shared a ton of their links. 

     Then in the midst of this awesome life affirming moment, an ex(like two exes ago) decided to call me and tell me why I needed to give him another chance as a friend aka so he could tell me all about some ex that he was rebuilding a relationship with. It was really sad(that he was calling me). So I told him that just because he didn’t remember what he told me did not mean that I had forgotten. I asked him why he was talking to me instead of her(because he had just spoken to her), and I told him that we truly had nothing to talk about and I wished him the best. 

    Mind you, this conversation only happened because someone in my life asked about him this week. See, I am really good about leaving the past in the past(on relationship stuff) and as soon as someone around me mentions my past, the past comes knocking hard. Now I have the ability to use a harder steel barrier and bolt the door shut. 

     I know, I know this also means that I have to have perseverance and wait when it comes to relationships in the future. I am in total agreement. I have not flirted with anyone and I have been minding my own business. It sure is liberating. Well, I am off to bed. 

Have a great night!

Namaste 🙂

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