Abide-Lent Day 10


Lord Jesus, in response to your loving invitation may we be brought to our knees, may our hearts open to your loving pruning, and may we be empowered by your love to bear good fruit as we live united with you. Amen.

     This is today’s prayer from the Lent Project(I keep calling it the lenten project). Today’s devotion centered on Christ being the vine. It reminded me of a song we sang in church as kids “He is the vine and we are the branches, His banner over me is love”. It makes such a difference when I read a devotional in the morning compared to when I read it in the evening. It still convicts me the same but I think my days turn out better when I read it first in the morning. 

     After having a discussion about goals and plans, even though I was tired I went to the gym. I think I knew I was going to have to walk to the gym but I went to the bus stop anyway. The bus ran late. I had a full blown conversation with an associate. He mentioned that someone else had died. That’s two people in less than two weeks. We talked about depression and I gave him some references. I feel like I at least have to tell people where they can get help, so I can’t get mad if they don’t take it. 

      So the bus was so late I decided to walk, and then of course it passes me by. I got to the gym, got in two good workouts. I had to laugh when I attempted to do the back extension machine wrong(a nice guy told me how it was supposed to go). Its always good when you can laugh at yourself. Then I walked to the store and went home. I wanted a salad so bad that I made a salad and pasta and ate the salad while the pasta was cooking. I also snacked on peppers and a carrot(it was huge). 

     More adventures in online dating, guys kept asking me what I was up to tonight and I said I was taking it easy. Except for the fifth guy who I told I was going to bed. I am tired. I hope to make up for National Sleep Day tomorrow. I narrowed my search criteria now I’m nervous to message the nice Christian guys. I messaged one and told him it was cool that he made it plain in his profile. 

     I can’t wait to hit the gym tomorrow(and for Zumba). 

Thanks for reading 🙂




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