Colorism In The Black Community And Why It Hurts Everyone


     This is why I hate the internet. So a friend posted something regarding a light skinned person’s take on colorism. I made a comment that the only hate I had ever received about my color was from dark skinned people. This comment included arguments or rebuttals from others. I stated that I try to support everyone in the community even though the community has not supported me. 

     So the conversation continued and then I was told that I can’t say anything because I benefit from privilege every day. I could not see how I benefited from the privilege. I mentioned that I did not see or feel the privilege. I was then told that I have to just accept that dark skinned people will hate me just because. 

     I think that is so sad. Obviously I did not do a good job of defending myself or my opinion. I just feel like people are going to have their opinions no matter what. It also doesn’t make sense for me to put myself into a ball of depression because black people hate me. As far as I am concerned, they will just have to join the club. Last time I checked, people outside of the Black community just saw me as Black anyway. That is why I don’t feel like I have some magic halo around me. 

     Now I’m sad and I hate the Internet. I think that if people can’t take the time to know within five minutes of meeting me that I am not their enemy, then that is just sad and too bad. I am too old to try and prove my Blackness to anyone. I was again told that I am part of the problem and that I can’t see past my own nose. I am also too old to get into debates with people on the Internet. How do I stop? 

     I guess I just forget that everyone has their own opinion and that so many people think differently than I do. I also forget that whenever I do voice my opinion, there is no one to fight my battle or have my back. So I always wind up feeling put down or bullied. I deleted most of my comments. I have to remember that just because there is a comment box, does not mean that I have to leave a comment or that my comment is valued. 

     Oh well, on that note, I am headed to bed. 




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  1. Jewell, I have your back. We live in SC and you wouldn’t believe the hits I get from black and whites who have never even visited this state calling us out on what happened decades ago. I even had one man tell me he felt sorry for me that I had to live here. That is when I replied and told him I love SC and invited him to visit. He called me a racist and I said when you come, I will introduce you to my neighbors. Just on our street are black, whites, Japanese, Hispanics, Brazilians and Mexicans. He never replied back. I also told him SC has the #1 tourist spot in the nation for 3 years running: Charleston. After years of being rejected, abandoned, betrayed and left alone to my own fate, God revealed to me who I am in Christ. Now, I don’t care what people think or their opinions don’t bother me.

    You are a child of the Most High God and he has gifted you. And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. If they do, send them to me and I will set them straight.


  2. Thank you Naphtali! You are the second person this week who has told me that I am a child of the most high God. I need to keep remembering that. I think its awesome that you live in such a diverse place.


  3. Great! then God is telling you that! And yes, I love SC. I love my neighbors too. We all enjoy each other for the most part except for the woman across the street. She is black and hates white people! Her husband or I should say her ex told me that and he is a wonderful Christian man who was a pilot. You hang in there girl!


  4. Thanks Naphtali! Yes, God is telling me that 🙂 Thank you for being such a great encouragement and support. I will!


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