Reflections On The Day-Lent Day 1


     This morning at the bagel shop, I ordered a pastry and a bagel. The cashier looked at me kind of funny and I mentioned that I wasn’t having a good day because my friend had passed. The cashier said my friend’s name. I was shocked. How did he know? He mentioned that we had a mutual friend in common. I was utterly surprised. Then I just started saying out loud that I wanted to have a good day. While I waited to get my order, an order was called out for someone named Pearl. I didn’t think anything of it, until another worker looked at me and said that I had been renamed Pearl. 

     Then on the way to my site, I almost got ran over by a lady in a BMW(We had the walk sign). The person I was running with said that she would have agreed to be a witness(because we had a walk sign). We said good bye and I went on about my morning. I ate the pastry and gave a friend the bagel. Then donuts and tacos arrived(I had one taco). I was proud of myself for resisting the donuts. 

     I talked to my Aunt later in the day and she told me today was my Grandma Pearl’s birthday and I told her the bagel shop story. The angels were definitely with me today. Today was my second day of having no makeup on hand, so I stopped by the mall for a little treat. Now, I should have some sort of makeup with me for most moments. 

     I went for a nice run today and started another squat challenge. I guess I really like small challenges. I went to a meeting which was interesting. I think I am getting back into the routine. 

     I don’t usually formally participate in Lent. But I decided that I wanted to do something this year. So I found some awesome resources. I prayed with my prayer beads, read a devotional, and read the scripture for the day. I am really excited about what I can learn during this time. 

     I look forward to having a better day tomorrow. I am so tired, so I am hitting the hay now. 



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