A Quick Post Before Church


     As I prepare to play my flute before church,  a ton of thoughts flood my brain. I realize that my Mother never had the opportunity to hear me play in concert. I wonder if she hears me now. I wonder what she is doing.
     A friend said that my Mom would be proud of me. But I really don’t know.  I never heard her tell me that. It is so important to encourage your children so that they can have strong spirits. 
     This morning I woke up in a fog after having a dream that I drove off of a cliff. I think my brain is always trying to make sense of my dreams,  but I’m stuck today.
     There was a race downtown,  so the cab driver dropped me off and I had to walk through runners to get to my destination.  I cheered them on. They didn’t seem to look very excited. That may just be the run junkie in me.
     I probably just need to rest today. All I can think about is what I need to get started or finish. I’m trying to stay positive so that I don’t let the unknown overwhelm me.
     Yesterday I made it to the gym and I had a lot of fun. Then I didn’t want to wait for the bus so I walked home. It was nice to literally stop and smell the flowers. I stopped by a little sandwich shop and the cashier was so nice and positive. I think he flirted a little but I don’t know. I’m going to just chalk it up as he was being nice.  I told him that he had a really positive attitude. 
     I hope that you have a blessed day.


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