Lupita Nyong’o Beautiful Inside And Out




So I saw this picture today and it really resonated with me. Of course Lupita is stunning. I have always thought so. But seeing this picture in all of its awesomeness, really made me realize how beautiful all women can be. She is a great inspiration as a person and as a fashion icon. 

I love clothes and fashion. My dream wardrobe would be like this. I think it is wonderful when women can dress beautifully and modest at the same time. It shows the world that you are a force to be reckoned with and that you are more than a body part. I think if more women dressed this way, we would have more respect and it would also help build self esteem. 

I know that Lupita is all the rage right now and rightfully so, I just wanted to add to the bandwagon and show my support along with how she is a positive influence for all who are looking for something uplifting. I know that some things are better left to the imagination and I strive to have a little more mystery when it comes to my life and style. 

Here’s to letting your inner beauty shine inside and out 🙂


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