What A Day And Taking A Second Look


     My day was one for the record books. It was so odd that I found myself saying out loud that I needed to go to the gym(even though it was cold outside). That is saying a lot for a person who craves comfort. I still wasn’t feeling all that great. It seems like my body and my brain are on two different wave lengths. They are not communicating with each other. 

   So I am a big fan of natural home remedies. Especially when it comes to my body. I believe I took all of the suggestions that were offered to me. I have taken ginger, ginger tea, ginger pills, detox tea, peppermint tea, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, baking soda. I mean you name it, I tried it. So I hope that I start to feel better. 

   If you would have seen me at the gym, you would have laughed. When I got in position to do my push ups,my arms literally laughed at me. I had to do most of them modified because they just weren’t having it today. I was able to do the rest of the workout which was nice. I am trying to make an effort to go to the gym when I actually have time. Its a little bit of a journey for me to get there, but it is definitely worth it. 

   So when I came home tonight I decided to watch Being Mary Jane(the show that I love to talk crap about). I realized that the point of the show and Scandal are to show the various things that women go through. Even though I haven’t been with a married dude(I did let them buy me drinks), I did have my moments with an engaged dude and even though he denied his engagement, I knew better and I should have said no. So now I feel like I should totally marathon watch those shows haha. 

   Yes, even though we should fight for better representation of all women in media, I guess this is what we are left with in the mean time. I found myself totally relating to Mary Jane. Its kind of a wonder that I still have friends because whoo I was a mess. No one is perfect and we can’t erase our mistakes. We can only learn from them and move forward. 

     One thing I would love to figure out is why I am so attracted to guys who don’t exactly have it all together? Its like I think their hotness will balance out everything else. Also it doesn’t help that I have more crush experience than dating experience under my belt. As a result, crushes are comfortable to me. I sometimes refer to myself as queen of the crush. Then when someone who seems good on paper acts interested in me, I push him away(it doesn’t happen often but when it does, boy I push hard). Maybe I think its easier to have a crush than no one at all(its safe and harmless). 





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