What A Day Aka I Left My Brain in Aisle Nine


     So I decided to run to the store before heading to the gym. I mosey around the aisles. Make my way to the checkout. I pay for my purchases. I start to walk out of the store without my purchases. So I go get them. Then I go outside to return my basket. I put my purchases in my gym bag. When I realize I left my wallet. So I go to the cashier, he didn’t see it. I go back to the basket area, the girl scouts didn’t see it. I go back into the store and ask for the manager. The manager didn’t know what to say. So I go and sit down against the wall and look in my bag. I stay calm.  A friend comes by to see if I am ok. I mention my dilemma. Then the manager motions me to the customer service area where I break down like I just won the lottery because the attendant had my wallet and she recognized me(because I spend a lot of time at the grocery store). Thank God!

     So then I head to the gym. Where another friend stops to give me a ride to the gym. As soon as I get to the gym, people welcome me and smile and tell me to have a good workout. I feel at home. I do an arm and leg workout. Then I decide to hit the Zumba class. That is when I realize, I literally do all of the same moves at home. Zumba is a blast. The music is great. Its like going to the club for people who don’t go to the club lol. I have a great time and a great workout. Then my water bottle handle breaks(no more VS water bottle to lug around). No sweat, I have at least ten more bottles at home that can do the same job. 

     Then I head back up the hill and to a meeting. It was nice to see some people. But I really didn’t feel like being there. The topic was contentment and I admitted that I still don’t have contentment but I am a little closer than I used to be. I am thankful for that. Then I treated myself to some dark chocolate and got some food. 

     All in all it was a good but interesting day. I plan to head to the gym tomorrow too. Now I can relax a bit with some of my favorite magazines and work on cleaning my room. So, I need to make that clean my room then look at magazines. It felt really good being back in the gym. It made me think about when I first started lifting weights. I still have a long way to go on my arm strength(I busted out twelve full push ups but I had to do the other two sets modified). 

     I got into a slight disagreement with someone over calories and disordered eating so I deleted my comments and the comment that I replied with didn’t post(hmm good thing). Tons of people have disordered eating. I do my best not to judge because one person’s disordered eating is another person’s healthy lifestyle. Some of us are in a place for growth and others are not. Since I don’t run the world, it is quite possible that my opinion is not needed on every matter. 

     Now I’m starting to wonder what my life would be like without facebook because it is really irking me right now. I think the longest I have gone without facebook was three months. I didn’t notice too much because I was busy with other stuff. Are there authors who don’t have facebook pages? I know I’m not an author yet, just a hope to be author. I may have to pray about this. 


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