“Whatever He says to you, do it”~John 2:5

     When we seek to do God’s will for our lives and follow His path in obedience, then we are able to experience a new level of faith. God wants to do great things in our lives, if we only take a moment to ask Him what He has for us this day. In recovery, the third step prayer says “Thy will be done”. Seeking God’s will for our lives and actively pursuing it, also gives us the opportunity to focus on others and the world around us instead of the jumble of feelings, emotions, and confusion that may be swirling in our heads. 

     I was looking into different mediation apps and one of the sites had a link to a Ted talk. The Ted talk spoke about taking ten minutes out of our day to meditate. We are so much better off when we can take a moment to just breathe. So I wonder why it isn’t our natural inclination. 

     Taking time to do things that will benefit ourselves and others sounds like a great addition to anyone’s life. So why do we find it so hard to do. Just this morning, I woke up and I said “I should go to the gym”. So I had a few thoughts about the gym, I even looked at the schedule. Then I had a thought “I need to go to a meeting”. So I thought about which meeting I would go to. Then I thought about workouts to do at home. Because another thought that swam through those thoughts was my schedule. So where am I, still in the same spot. 

     I don’t have those same kind of thoughts about serving God. I think I take serving God for granted and in reality it is not a passive act, it is an active act. I have only started to have the thought that I need to do my devotion as more of an active act. I also want to move my thought to meditation to an active act as well. So today I will shoot for at least ten minutes. 

     What steps are you taking today?


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