Recognizing Your Value


     “Now therefore, if you will obey My voice in truth and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own peculiar possession and treasure from among and above all peoples; for all the earth is Mine.” Exodus 19:5 Do you see yourself as a treasure? Where do you get your value from? What does having value look like? If a person does not see themselves as having value, how do they turn it around and view themselves differently?

    A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Facebook that said (paraphrase) “Stop acting as if you are on a clearance rack”. That stuck with me. I love to shop and get a bargain. But when I think about my life and my value, how many times have I acted as if I could be found on a discount rack? As a giveaway? Even though my mind(and my support) told me of my value, I acted as if I had no value. Partly because there was a part of me that believed the lies I had been told that I wasn’t worth anything. 

    So as I spend more time in God’s word, I try to focus on the value and worth that God has assigned to me no matter what my emotions may tell me at the moment. I walk in my worth. I value others and treat them as valuable. I approach every situation with new eyes and perspective, knowing that change is hard but I’m worth it. 

     I approach dating in a manner that says I have value(even when others can’t seem to see it). I truly believe that we are all connected more than we realize. So the things that I do to others, I am also doing to myself. When I am good to myself, I can be good to others. When I respect myself, I show respect for others. 

     When I value myself, I take care of myself. I give myself a break(when I can stop, breathe, and pray). I do small acts that build into a great big show of love for myself and others. When I value myself, I eat food that helps my body and doesn’t hinder it(esp. now that I am not feeling well). When I value myself, I work out because it benefits my whole body. 

     We all have value(even if you don’t have anyone immediately around to show you that). I find that just smiling at someone, not only shows them value but it shows that your value recognizes their value. Just showing kindness to others, shows that you have value. Sometimes we just have to be reminded of how valuable we are. 


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