A Healing Meditation(For My Best Friend, Me, You, And Anyone Who Needs It)


     Father God, I come in the name of Jesus to speak life and health to my body. Life and death are in my tongue! I speak to my healthy red blood cells and I say live, multiply, replenish every cycle as God designed. I speak to my healthy white blood cells and white and red platelets and I say live, multiply, replenish. All will be in right proportion as God designed. In Jesus’ name and by the power of His blood, I speak to every abnormal red blood cell, every abnormal white blood cell, every red and white platelet that is abnormal: I command you to die! I command you to stop multiplying.I declare that God’s glory and His light causes you to shrivel up, die, and be flushed out of my body, never to return. By the Holy Spirit, I see disease leaving my mortal body! I see my body, my blood cells, my muscles, and my brain being rejuvenated. I have the mind and healthy body of Jesus Christ! Amen

3 John 2, Psalm 16:11,103:3, Isaiah 41:10-15, 53:5, Matthew 4:24, James 5:16, 2 Chronicles 20:15



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