Awkward Moments


     So yesterday was Valentine’s Day or as singles refer to it Singles Awareness Day. I treated myself and got two adorable cards from friends. Some of my friends encouraged me to try my hand yet again at online dating. So of course I dived right back in. I know what I had blogged about. But I thought that I could try a different angle and learn from it. 

     So a guy asked me if I wanted to meet up for coffee today. I agreed. When I arrived at the coffee shop(a little early), I saw some good friends. I went over to talk to them. We had a nice conversation. Then my date comes to the coffee shop and I go inside to meet him. We decide to sit outside. As my friends walk by to leave they say out loud “He’s cute”. My date smiled and we had a great time. 

     He had mentioned going to check out some guitars. So we went to a guitar shop and he tested a few out. He even taught me a song(I was kind of embarrassed though). After we left the shop, he asked me if I was hungry and we went to get some food. He mentioned checking out another guitar shop.

     So we went to the guitar shop and I noticed it had flutes there. I went and drooled over the flutes and then looked at some music.  We went into the guitar room and I left to go to the restroom. When I came back, I bought the music book(it was in a bag with the receipt). We left the store and upon leaving the clerk asked to see my receipt. I think I rolled my eyes because my date said “They do that to everyone, do you think they did it because you are black?” and of course I said yes. So we went to the car and I put the music away. He handed me a rubix cube(awesome but not because alas I still don’t know how to solve one). Well, he explained to me how to solve it(while he solved it). I thought that was so cool. We went back to the guitar store and as we left, he showed the clerk his receipt(she didn’t ask for it because *cough* he had a freaking guitar). 

    So on the ride home we talked about what had happened. He asked me if my reaction to the clerk was instinctual. I said yes it was. That kind of thing doesn’t happen to me often(mostly because I always have my receipt at the ready or in my hand). We talked about gratitude. He also made me laugh(a lot). At the end of our interesting date, he gave me a hug(and not a kiss). So even though I had a great time. All I could think about was “Wow, he didn’t kiss me”. 

     So just to recap, yes my toes are back in the online dating waters. I am deleting jerks as soon as I can spot them and I am keeping an open mind. PS I tried to call irl friends but no one answered(in case you are shocked when you read this). 




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