Thoughts On A Sunday


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind”-Luke 10:27

     This morning I woke up thinking about families. I thought about what it would be like to have a family of my own. I thought about families spending time together. I thought about children. I thought about all of the children that I don’t yet have. Then I thought “Man, it sucks that I am not where I thought I would be in this life”. Then I had another thought and I remembered that I never thought about being this old because it never really registered for me. 

     Old people say that I am young and young people(who try and guess my age) say that I am old. I say that I am old. I feel old. I know that I don’t look it, but I know I’m not as young as my mind thinks it is(21 haha). I got busy doing other things and my thoughts drifted to other things. 

     I met up with some old friends and had great conversation. It is so nice to be around people who understand you(and don’t make you feel so weird). Everybody needs that in their lives. Knowing that people understand where you are coming from is a true comfort. Being able to share what God is trying to show you and how you are trying to live your life out in a positive way is awesome. Being able to share prayer requests and pray for people is also great. We all have things that we struggle with(big and small) and knowing that people are lifting me up in prayer(as I lift them up) is a great example of team work. 

     I was able to get a handle on some schoolwork and managed to get in a run. I have a tiring day ahead of me tomorrow(praying about it) and really I’m just ready for the weekend. So I am going to do my best to take it easy and let each day unfold as it may(when I break busy days down into moments that I can ease into, they seem to flow). 

     I don’t have anything controversial or super spiritual to say today(except I am totally getting a lesson on fear and wow, three mentions of it in one day is a lot). So, since I don’t write this blog for views(I am happy that you are viewing it and I hope it helps you), I just want to say that we can only be who we are and just try to be a better version every day that comes. 


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