Let Go And Let God Work


     Today’s scripture comes from Romans 8:28. I just realized how much it echoes Jeremiah 29: 11. We often say that we are trusting God or giving God our problems only to still have a firm grip on them. Thank goodness for God’s grace and mercy because He never loves us any less no matter how tight we hold on to mess.
     Last night I told someone that I struggle with emotional regulation but the reality is its more like verbal regulation.  Sometimes I have these moments where I speak not thinking of the effect on another person.  Usually its with a friend.  I need to be more mindful of that. I can show grace to my friends. Because I know they are showing grace to me. 
     I have to let go of whatever fleeting thought comes to my mind at the moment that doesn’t serve a great purpose.  This can only be possible when I ask God to help me.  How much better off am I when I’m not bogged down with self created nonsense? I can’t be of help to anyone when I put myself in imaginary bondage.
     So here’s to walking in our purpose,  stronger than the day before.  May God bless you and keep you.


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