Why I Quit Online Dating


     This was not my first rodeo with online dating. I have been online dating on and off since *drumroll* 2006. Yep, that is a long time. I have tried all of the sites, OkCupid, Plenty Of Fish, Match.com, Eharmony, Christian Mingle, Marry Well just to name a few. Yes, there seem to be a ton of people on online dating sites, but if you look long enough(or just for a few hours) you will find that most people just have old profiles. I am too impatient to leave a profile up unattended. 

     So in my mode of “I’ll show him”, I went back to OkCupid and who welcomed me back? His profile and all of the others who had not left and in fact wondered where I had went. They did not welcome me back to ask me out or to get to know me. They welcomed me back just to see my profile. I actually made a pretty nice profile(if I do say so myself). When I say they were still there, I mean the creeps were still there too being creepy. The nice guys were still there too being timid. The really hot guys were still there too ignoring me. One guy told me that he would not even consider asking me out because I am pro-choice(whew, I dodged a bullet). 

     So I decided that I would be done with online dating once and for all. I know that if God has it in His plan for me to meet someone, He will work out the details. Does this mean I’m not dating? No, this just means that I am not online dating. This leaves me time and energy to focus on things that I need to do in my life(like laundry, and finish school, and read). This also gives me time to draw closer to God(because life is never ruined when we run closer to faith). 

     As I reflected on my actions and reactions to what happened over the past few days, I realized that I was feeling sadder about this quasi relationship than the one I had with my ex(due to expectations and hope). Since I have an awesome extended crew around me, my down feelings did not get to last for long. I know that I have a lot of good qualities and the right guy will be blessed by them. Until then, I just have to be my own valentine 🙂



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  1. I find God only provides the path, and lets you choose whether or not to walk it. Rarely does he work out all the details for you. So if you find God sending you a warning that a flood is coming, followed by a canoe, a rescue boat, and a helicopter, don’t turn them all away.

    It is wonderful to take a break and appreciate the important things in our lives, but I do hope it is only a break and not giving up altogether. The right guy is out there for you, but he needs to know you exist before he can take you on a romantic walk and begin the incredible relationship you’ll spend the rest of your lives treasuring.

    Stay strong.


  2. Richard,
    Thank you for your great points. I can’t say what the future holds. I just know that I definitely needed a break. I don’t know if men get the same kind of messages that women do on online dating sites but what was sent to me on more than one week was disgusting unasked for trash. I just took that as a sign that I needed to remove myself from that environment.
    Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and responding. I hope that you have a great day.



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