What Happened To The Grammys?


    Ok blog readers, I had to rant about the Grammys last night. I know I am a huge pop culture and music fan, but this took me to the edge. I always thought the Grammys where a great time to showcase the best in music(and honor the best performances). This did not happen. I think the show would have been better if all of the winners in the pre show were given the opportunity to perform.

   Beyonce: Beyonce is married. I am so happy for her. But last time I checked, married women were supposed to be modest and keep things under wraps because they were spoken for. Did I miss a memo? I thought her performance was disgusting. I think that she does not bring women forward, she drags us back, way back. She is so paid, she does not ever have to perform in the manner that she does. She could be such a positive voice for women(and girls) but she continues to perpetuate stereotypes and play to the lowest denominator. I don’t understand what the point is of a married woman acting like a stripper in public. Last time I checked, strippers wanted to be married so they could stop stripping. 

     Winners: I don’t know who decides the winners of the Grammys but I am sure it is not the public and it is not a group of people who know musical talent or abilities. So many people were robbed last night and Taylor Swift thought she was. To me it just seemed like the Grammys were a horrible mashup of a broken playlist. 

   The Mass Wedding: Has the Grammys always been political? I have no problem with people getting married but I thought only the Moonies did mass weddings. Why would you want your love to be shared on an award show? Maybe I am just showing my age. 

Oh well, maybe things will be different next year. I don’t know but I guess it doesn’t hurt to stay optimistic. 

Shalom and Blessings


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