Sowing and Reaping


     Today in my daily devotion, it spoke of how what we sow and reap apply to all areas of life. This made me realize how important it is to be mindful of my thoughts, actions, and words. In other words, the things that we do, speak, hear, and think can have a positive or negative effect on us. When I am behaving in a not so positive manner, and I can take a step back and apologize, the next thing that I have to do is put the positive into action otherwise my apology is worthless. 

“Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and criticized and condemned yourselves.” Matthew 7:1-2

     I have been thinking a lot about a runner who was killed on New Years Eve. Her name is Lauren Bump. She also had a blog. She lived her life for Christ and shared His love with everyone around her. Reading her blog was a humbling experience for me. Not only did it make me reevaluate my life but it made me realize just how short life can be. So I hope to be more intentional in how I live and how I love. Am I sharing God’s love with others when I have an attitude? Or when I am frustrated? Am I sharing God’s love with myself.

     I know that every moment is a lesson. I have to think about how I am going to learn a lesson(with a positive attitude or a negative one). One of my best friend’s called me this morning and told me that she hadn’t read my blog for a few days. I told her it was ok because I had not posted for a few days. Sometimes I have great ideas for posts, but then I get lost in something else. Like cleaning my room or putting away mounds of laundry(which I just completed today). 

     So here’s to more blogging. Here’s to life 🙂



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