The Mindset Of A Pro


     These great thoughts were taken from one of my favorite podcast’s Cut The Fat. 

1. A pro shows up every day

2. Stays on the job all day long

3. Committed over the long haul

4. Believes the stakes are high and real

5. is patient

6. seeks order

7. demystifies their life

8. acts in the face of fear

9. accepts no excuses

10. plays it as it lays

11. is prepared

12. does not show off

13. dedicates herself to mastery 

14. does not hesitate to ask for help

15. does not take failure or success personally 

16. endures adversity

17. self validates

18. hangs out with other pros

19. Reinvents herself

These are some timeless truths that apply to every situation we face. 

Shalom and Blessings


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