How Encouragement And Support Can Propel You Forward


     Hey friends,

                        After I blogged last night, I had all kinds of comments, phone calls, and just all around support from friends. Everyone seemed so surprised that I would take a person’s opinion to heart. They were shocked that I would think about not moving forward. Well, after a great conversation and a sad glass of sprite(we ran out of sparkling juice). I had a vision(do you ever have these moments where you see yourself doing something before you do it?). Then I went to bed and had a dream that I had lunch with Brene Brown and we sang a song together(I know, but it was cool).

      So I woke up, I emailed my professor. I wrote a recommendation letter. I got myself together and I talked to some super supportive friends who totally supported me. So right now, I am just in awe and quite speechless about how things can turn around in an instant. It is so amazing how support and encouragement can be just the thing you need to move forward in your purpose. I mean I guess that may totally be the point of having friends, but being a friend too. I saw a new friend yesterday and I gave him some encouragement. He told me that I was always so encouraging. My reply was that I had to be because that was the only way we could move forward.

     Another friend also threw my own advice back at me to give it all to God and leave it with Him. I said that I was and that I would continue to pray. So I look forward to meeting with my professor today and to have a nice conversation. A conversation where I can listen and learn.      Another friend of mine encouraged me to continue to write and I assured her that I would. So maybe we are all helping each other on this journey call life whether it is through a blog post, a text, a tweet, a pin, or a phone call, even a prayer. It all helps and it is all vital to our lives. So thank you again for checking out my little space in the internet. I wish you much success in your life and in all of your pursuits.

                                              Shalom and Blessings 🙂



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