Wow Its Only Tuesday



So, I did kickboxing and a run/walk before work. It gave me a huge burst of energy. Then my coworkers came. I can see why they are so angry and unhappy, their lives are not working. They are in a battle to see who can be the biggest control freaks at school haha. I am not sure which one will win(but at the moment, I think I am just looking to see which one is going to have a heart attack first). 
I am ignoring them the best I can(not even responding). One coworker got upset about a set of her books that were not cataloged, but I explained to her that I cataloged every book that I was given hence the completion of 5,500 books. I guess it completely slipped her mind that she did not give me her books until today. Its not even a big deal. 
I read Jillian Michael’s new book Mastering your metabolism(its really insightful). I will have to work on the organic food once I get back to the lower 48. 
Have a good day spark friends 🙂



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