Training Day 8/ Don’t Let Anyone Or Anything Hold You Down



So after all of the major drama ended and the trooper left, I went for my run. 
As soon as I got halfway down my first lap, I heard loud talking, I kept going. 
By my second lap, the loudness turned to all out drunk yelling. 
So I ran another route and finished out closer to home. 
I only did a mile but I feel like that was ok in combination with the weights I had picked up earlier. 
Today, it is rainy and cold and I am still going to run. Shooting for 3 miles today.
I am going to try a little harder with the weights too. 
I only have six days left. So I am determined to make each day better than the one before. 
I hope that you all are having a good day. 
I just wanted to encourage everyone and say “Hey, you can do it no matter what”. 
Be blessed 🙂


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