Training Day 62/Jillian Is A Beast



So I finally cracked open the 30 day shred and I don’t think I have ever sweated this much before. I did not feel it in my legs but I definitely felt it in my arms. So I think I am going to like this workout and I am thinking about doing it twice a day.
I broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago(no, I don’t feel sad). I guess I am just angry at all that I gave. Well, we learn new lessons every day. In the mean time I am trying not to focus on any guys for a while(maybe a few years). 
So last night I watched Peaceful Warrior and loved it! Then I watched Spirit of the Marathon and LOVED it!! An inspiration for anyone who loves runners and running(I could not believe they managed to get all the greats in one film). 
Well, I plan on running tonight. In the meantime checking out this New York City Ballet dvd that I got last week(SJP is doing the intro). I have never done ballet but I like the way they move and would love to get a dancer’s body(or close to it). 
I know that requires a lot of hard work and changes in my diet(we are all works in progress). 
Well, have a great day  friends 🙂 
Be blessed 🙂


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