Training Day 28/Easy Three Across The Street


So, today I decided to just go to the park across the street from where I am staying. I did an easy three miles and plan to do more later. I waved and said hello to all of the people who I came across. It wasn’t until my second mile that I realized I was actually the only person out exercising. That made me a little sad for people. When I think back to when I was growing up, I think I would have killed to live near a park with trees and flowers that I could just walk to. I grew up having to have someone drive me to a place to exercise lol. 
I guess after living overseas, I enjoy walking more. It really helps my running(which is still budding). 
So, if I can offer any encouragement to you today, just get out there and do something 🙂 
Have a great one friends 🙂


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