Training Day 26/I Love My New Shoes



So, today I ran three miles. Right before the sun beamed down hard. In case you didn’t know, I had bought two new pair of shoes, some New Balance and a pair of Saucony. Well, I am going with the Saucony as my race shoe(it feels awesome on the bottom of my feet). It even makes my foot look small(most women love that). 
I ran with friends last night. 
I feel like I am starting to understand cataloging(so I am praying I do well in this class). 
I head out to Virginia and D.C. next week, then its back to Texas for a first time drive to Georgia. 
After that I won’t be back in Texas until the big race. There is so much I love about Texas. But I just feel like it is time for me to do something different 🙂 
So here is to happiness wherever you may find it  friends 🙂 
Don’t give up on your dreams!


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