My Run Conditioning Week Day1Wk1



So I finally picked a half marathon training program. I will be using Jeff Galloway’s program. His program is 19 weeks but the race is in the 17th week so that is what I am shooting for. 
At the moment, I have not been run/walking for more than 20-25 minutes. So I am beginning with his conditioning program(which builds you up to running three miles). 
So I am going to do a modified version of week 1 conditioning this week(because I really want to see if I can do the 1 mile). With the plan of starting week2 on Monday. 
Even though I can already walk for 30-1hr. I am going to slow myself down so I can get a lock on this running. 
Jeff advocates for first timers to have the goal of finishing the race. That is my goal. But to register, we had to put a time(I forget what I put lol). So, here it goes 🙂 
I will post again after I workout later 🙂 
Good luck out there 🙂


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